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Lidice Megla (1968) was born in Cuba.  Lidice is an Author, Poet, Translator and Educator who has been residing in Canada since 1999. 

She was the winner of the international poetry contest “El mundo lleva alas”, 2018 Voces de hoy Publishing House and the winner of the poetry contest, “Arte con palabras” Art Emporium, Miami, Fl. 2020. 

She appears in several anthologies and literary magazines worldwide. Among her publications are the books of poetry “Tú la bestia” “Totémica Insular” and Mujer sin paredes”. Lidice lives with her husband in Vancouver Island. 



Blowing bubbles 
walk- in- the park; 
life as it may 
browning the march 
silken pajamas 
clearly worn 
two candle sticks 
two daffodils; 
life as it may 
browning the march 
blowing some bubbles 
eat a little dark chocolate 
close your eyes after 
inspect the trees 
interview the birds 
ask for the winds 
tell them to lift you 
-respect the rituals- 
-follow the prompts- 
silken pajamas 
the bird in the tree 
two candle sticks 
my moisten rose 
the sun is a nipple 
my mouth is the rain 
two silken daffodils 
so evocative their substance 
one purple 
one white 
in the depth of desire 
the substances rise. 


“I am not cruel, only truthful. The eye of a little god.” ~ From Mirror, by Sylvia Plath

Mirage in the Mirror *

(To Sylvia Plath)

And now You, 
Bring forth the truth. 
Now we know 
no little man lives in the exacting moon.  
Non -Judgmental: 
Come! ,  
Reveal the onslaught side  
in the Lake.  
Name the Comet.  
Hoist the flock of bottle battleships 
carrying the grey rats. 
The shining gulls adrift Ariel, 
the clouds above Ulises’ island. 
Name the knife’s cut 
The image of Time 
The below of Age 
The sound of Truth 
The breath of God 
The euphoria in Pain. 
Ambivalent Elephant.  
Dancing Essence,  
House of Signals, 
come forth to the bright, 
impending departure. 


Down at the Seawall 

I took my feet for a walk today 
the seagulls were cracking oysters against the rocks 
My feet liked it. 

I took my eyes for a walk today, 
the seals were surrounding the tugboat 
they had salmon blood in their mouths. 
My eyes understood but did not like it. 

I took my ears for a walk today, 
they heard whispers of the air, 
like an explosion, 
like rising rain just before the lightning comes. 
My ears understood this language and smiled.  

I took my mouth for a walk today, 
It wanted to take a bite off the rose hip bush 
the crows laughed at me.  

I took my fingers for a walk today, 
They got tired of typing on a cold white page. 

I took myself for a walk today 
and the self said, 
“ let’s not do what the screen says” 
“ there’s a screen telling what to do.  
Who pleasure is, when is, and why…” 

The seawall felt sad and ashamed  

for the people with thinking screens,  

and three crows cried.  
The seals rinsed the blood off. 

My soul took me for a walk today.  
Like a bow of light across the ether we went…