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Gaby Sambuccetti (1986) is an Argentine-born, UK-based writer. She holds a BA in Creative Writing from Brunel University (London) and she is a Latin American & Spanish Literature teacher (Argentina). She is the founder & managing director of a magazine & podcast called La Ninfa Eco (UK) with a team of writers & academics from Europe, the UK & Latin America. Also, she was the former Director of Events at the Oxford Writers’ House (Oxford, UK) a hub that brings Oxford’s universities and local community into dialogue through creative writing projects. In 2019, she was invited to the House of Lords (UK) to be part of a discussion about writing and freedom of the press.  She is the author of Glasses Love to be Broken and To the Knot for What it Took Away (Argentina).  

She has performed in different countries and her books, reviews, and collaborations appear in different magazines, anthologies and literary projects from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Germany, Bolivia, the US, Mexico, Chile, Italia, Spain, Bangladesh, India, Russia & the UK.  

She will start a postgraduate degree in  Comparative Literature in the UK, where she has lived since 2012.  

My Mistakes 

I’m far from God, 

and I know  

I exist oceans away from him. 

I lead with my teeth  

and my hair, 

and my boat are my bones. 

I like the sea, but I try not to swim. 

Because we are all gyres full of non-recyclable mistakes. 

And we soon will disappear, 

but our mistakes will trap  

and suffocate fish 

long after we’re gone. 


Mis errores 

Estoy bastante lejos de Dios,  

y existo en un océano alejado 

de su reino. 

Tengo dientes, y pelos,  

y barcos hechos  

con mis huesos. 

Me gusta el mar, 

pero trato de no nadar. 

Porque todos somos 

bolsas no reciclables, 

Y vamos a desaparecer pronto…  

Pero nuestros errores van a seguir atrapando  

y sofocando peces,  

bastante tiempo después  

de nuestra partida. 



So many crystals 

split us 

that perhaps 

only the stones 

can save our distances. 



Tantos vidrios nos separan  

que tal vez  

solo las piedras  

puedan salvar  

nuestras distancias. 



If I were a politician, 

I would be OK just with small things, 

But no, we are hanged people, not politicians. 

This thing makes me feel dizzy: left, right, left, right, left… 

As hanged people we need to get comfortable with yarns and fibers…  

and If all the butter is glued up onto the ceiling,  

we need to take it down.  

If we behave well, 

they will give us more rope.  



Si fuese un político 

me conformaría con las cosas pequeñas.  

Pero, no. 

Los colgados no hacen política.  

Marea demasiado esta cosa: 

Izquierda, derecha.  

Derecha, izquierda, derecha. 

Los colgados tienen que acomodarse bien la soga. 

Si la manteca está en el techo,  

Los colgados  




Si nos portamos bien, 

nos dan más soga.