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María Fernanda Portés Valencia, also known as Nefer PorVa, was born in Guayaquil – Ecuador on January 19, 1987. Among her accomplishments, she became a Second Deck Officer of Merchant Navy of Ecuador and performs as an engineer in Transport Administration and Seaports. She is currently preparing for a Master´s degree in Cultural Policy and Arts Management.  She is also a dedicated author, advocate and cultural manager with ventures into thoughts, ecological poetry, general poetry (featuring erotic, romantic, death, and experiential topics) and narrative/storytelling.

Among the positions she held that led her to national and international honors and recognition:

  • Peace Ambassador for Ecuador – Universal Circle of Ambassadors for Peace.
  • Founder and President of Círculo Artístico Cultural Brújula.
  • Founder and President of Fundación de Integración Social y Desarrollo Humano Sostenible.
  • National Youth Coordinator of the World Spanish-Speaking Authors Group (in Spanish, Unión Hispanomundial de Escritores – UHE).
  • Member of Asociación de Ecuatorianistas.
  • Member of the World Poets for Life Group (in Spanish, Unión Mundial de Poetas por la Vida – UNIVA).

María Fernanda has received several national and international awards and prizes, such as:

  •  “ANA DEL VALLE 2017” from Women and Men Makers of Rosario – Santa Fe – Argentina, in September 2017.
  • Rising Star at the ANTÓN AWARDS, Guayaquil – Guayas – Ecuador, July 2017.
  • Ecuatorian – Altamira Verse Writer of the Year – “SANTA CECILIA” Awards, in Caracas – Venezuela, April 2017.

Her first literary achievement, “There is Sex in the Air”, is an erotic book of poems divided into sections (passion, love and seduction). She is currently working on the edition of an illustrated book and another poetry volume.


Desolate, wilted clouds,

lost in the wind,

garnishing the air,

encroached, suffocated air,

condemned to be free

in an enclosed space.

Unsettled seas,

exhausting, yet dazzling,

of snowy foam, water and salt,

infinite, daunting waters.

Oh, waters, without a shame,

lakes, lagoons, rivers, estuaries,

seas, oceans and beaches,

these waters I became.

Withered, sick, lifeless bodies,

aging, poisoned, often bloody,

zombie-like corpses distilling ferment,

alive, yet dead; perished, yet content.

My Eyes from a Distance

From my window sill I think of you,

I slowly seek your love like a slave,

looking at you from a distance, I am afraid,

of losing you on my way of the grave.

With my brittle eyes I wait for you,

with splashy tears I pray for you,

my shivering arms yearn for your bread,

since only you my love can appease,

a love that revives in spite of being dead.

I’ve searched for you with my droopy gaze,

I dream of you, I delight with your presence.

but I dawn with dalliance and somewhat afraid,

of losing you in a silent maze.

Inhospitable, vastly dilated eye-sockets,

hosting bowed eyes that beg for mercy,

succumbing to uncertainty, a violent frenzy,

my watch over you is steady, like a rocket.