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Gabriela López Rivera is a professional photographer, painter, writer, poet, cultural promoter and columnist at Poder EDOMEX. She was born on March 24th, 1970, in Mexico City. She has been in several expositions of photography and painting in Mexico and abroad, the most recent ones in Florence, Italy. She participated in the International Festival Da Vinci 2019 and 2020, International Festival of  Poetry “José María Heredia y Heredia” in 2018 and Unidos por la Paz. Gabriela has been part of different literary anthologies. Some of her poems have been translated to English, Italian, Arab and Mazahua. She has had several diplomas in many cultural themes as Art History and Religion Studies. Currently, she is a member of Lewison Art, SOMAAP, the Germany-Mexico Foundation. She is working on short stories for children and 14 poems dedicated to the Moonlight Sonata  of Ludwig van Beethoven. She has been awarded and recognized for her work to promote the power of thoughts of the words, which according to her has the potential to create.

Viernes 12

Enero, cuando todo comienza,

carga energética,

buenos propósitos

sueños, nobles deseos.

11:50 a:m

viernes 12

muestro mi fragilidad

mi columna colapsa.

La gente nunca calla,

el sol ha dejado de brillar

río de penas navegan en mi mar.

No he sabido de tal tempestad

empiezo a temblar

a sentirme sacudida hasta la médula.

Esperé lo inevitable

al punto que sentía tanto frío

en los huesos

que dejaba de sentir todo lo demás.

Llegó la lluvia, luego la helada

veía mi aliento suspendido en el aire

cristalino y presagiando.

Pero nunca llegó el momento

en que el frío tocara mi centro

que comenzara a abrumarme

con la pesadez del hielo.

Cuando normalmente sentía

una contracción hacia adentro

de vuelta a mis pensamientos

que me doblaban.

Hasta que era tan pequeña

que no me veía…

sentí una expansión

sentí un calor dentro de mí.

Algo llevándome hacía adelante

impidiéndome retroceder

trescientos pasos este año.

Había llevado mi sol

al invierno…

Friday 12

January, when everything starts,

Energy charge

Good intentions

Dreams, noble whishes.

11:50 am

Friday 12

I show my fragility

My spine collapses

People never shut up

The sun is no longer shining

Rivers of sorrows sail in my sea

I have not heard of such a storm

I start to tremble

I feel shaken to the core

I waited the inevitable

To the point my bones

Felt so cold

I stopped  feeling everything else

The rain came then the frost

Saw my breath suspended in the crystalline

Air and foreshadowing

But the time never came

When the cold touched my core

That began to overwhelm me

With the heaviness of the ice

When I normally felt

And inward contraction

Back to my doubling thoughts

Until I was so small

That I could not see myself

I felt and expansion

I felt a heat inside me

Something leading me inside

Preventing me to from rolling back

300 steps this year.

Had brought the sun to winter

© Gabriela López Rivera and/or Aleyrbag Zepol Arevir.