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Linda Ibbotson is a poet, artist and photographer from the UK, currently residing in Co. Cork, Ireland. Her poetry, artwork and photography has been published internationally including  The Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Poethead, Levure Litteraire, California Quarterly, Itaca (featured Irish poet and translated into Romanian), časopis Harmonie (Czech  music magazine) Limelight ( Australian classical music and arts magazineBoyne Berries 27 and Live Encounters.  

A photograph was exhibited at RDS Dublin and an artwork print – Lismore Castle Gallery, Co. Waterford.  

She was invited to read at the Abroad Writers Conferences in Ireland. Her poetry has been read on radio and performed in France by Davog Rynne. 

She writes a poetry and arts blog ‘Contemplating the Muse.’  



Like life, art to me is experimental and spontaneous. “

Whichever medium I work with I rarely have a preconceived idea of the final image. That to me is creative joy, albeit a little daunting! 

Art has the power to express silently. It is an emotive and at times a unifying experience, perceived uniquely by both the artist and observer.    

My preference is contemporary art and find it meditative. After working with acrylics I chose to work with an unusual mixed media. I submerged layers of tissue paper in water and acrylic paint, maneuvering playfully and intuitively, photographing with absorbing precision. In The Moon I also used a crystal which became illuminated by the sunlight as it played with natural elements of light and shadow, energizing the delicate and exciting images that emerged. The layers depict our vulnerability, sensitivity, strength and energy as in Wave.    

Botanical – This innovative, decorative artwork depicts these unprecedented times. It epitomizes our fragility and how swiftly we can become frozen. Stillness, silence, a gradual thaw forms the integral theme. The technique I use is to freeze flowers in a block of ice, including here, the beautiful white lilac Madame Lemoineand literally paint them with acrylic paint, photographing them simultaneously as they thaw, the oxygen bubbles add life, texture and interest. A print of this artwork was in an exhibition at Lismore Castle Gallery ‘Stories from Lismore and Beyond’ 31/07/20 to 11/10/20. 

Looking beyond the obvious. To feel rather than think is my intention along with the words of surrealist artist Leonora Carrington “You’re trying to intellectualise something desperately and you’re wasting your time. That’s not a way of understanding…” – Linda Ibbotson.