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Shakhawat Tipu, born in 1971, lives in Dhaka. He is a distinguished bilingual poet, editor, translator and critical thinker from Bangladesh. The prominent figure of the new Bengali poetic language movement, Tipu established himself as the leading poet in his generation. His poems translated in Spanish, Italian, Greek, Serbian, Slovenian, and English. He published seven poetry books and an art critics book. Recently he published a Bengali poetry book ‘Razar Kangkal’ [The skeleton of prince (2020)] and a bilingual poetry book ‘Absence of Eye’ (2019). As an editor, Tipu edited Jatiya Shahittya (2008), a magazine of linguistics and philosophy and Charalnama (2011), a collection of street people’s interviews with a subaltern dictionary. He is the former acting editor literary magazine in Notundhara and former editorial consultant an art magazine Depart. His poems appeared in Lugar Poema, Iris News, Exitirion, Poiesis, The Scriblerus, The Symptom, Rigorous, Rialta A.C., Poesia Inverso, Atunis, La Libelula Vaga, L’Altrove, Poesie Sull’Albero and so many Bengali magazines and anthologies.  


Around the Love  

Who you are at the point 

dances in the world? 

Same line or equal pain 

is awakening in the circles! 

Perimeter after a point 

diameter or radius 

the shadow goes away 

as far away! 

Look at that like falling in love 

at numerous dust turning around! 

Those sacrifices of love 

that is also a point equal to the mind

On the old wind  

looking at day and night 

looking at year after year 

How’s the turn and turning around?

You are gravity, I’m a dust particle 

Love is as round as the earth else! 


Alone Sex  

I’ve never seen a peacock’s leg 

in the rainy season, the flock has blossomed 

You didn’t understand what a pain 

every turn was made jargon!   

Alone x in the forest, alone sex!  

Before the confluence I saw a peacock 

and she is dancing alone in the rain 

with unbearable happiness! 

As though calling peacocks now! 

Feeling know, the organ dances out of touch 

and like rain are chewing sweat and   

You are lonely in the rain somewhere alone.  


The Soul Sleeps 

The moon is like a lightning rod 

has been awake for centuries 

waiting for your sleep. 

People never sleep! 

Sleeps only the soul 

as alone as a tomb. 

Some signs of sleep 

frozen eyes stick to 

overnight like a dream! 

Sleep is like a prehistoric habit  

and the eyes are colored of orbits!