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Nafia Akdeniz was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. She studied English Literature and Humanities at the Eastern Mediterranean University.  Her poems, translations and articles have been published in various literary and academic journals. She published her first collection of poetry ‘Yok/Absence’ in 2013 (second edition, 2016). Her poems have been translated into English, Greek, German and Persian. 

She has been working as a senior instructor of English at the Eastern Mediterranean University since 2000. She is now a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies doing an ethnographic study of narrative communication on place, displacement and place attachment. Among her research interests are literary communication, contemporary ethnographies, creative writing.  

delivering the dead 

once more she opens her caesarean wound 

with her father’s penknife he boned meat to eat.  

she sits naked on grandmother’s sofa 

eyes closed she touches her cut 

with wise and feminine fingers  

from belly she divides life apart. 

delivering the dead stinks moldy mouth 

rotten water she vomits into her palms  

she dries with her hair standing up  

holding her split belly she wakes up. 

once more she stitches her caesarean wound 

with her mother’s thimble on her middle finger.