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Johana Casanova (Gaia) was born in Armenia, Quindío (Colombia) in 1991. She is a student of Environmental Control technology. Johana is a poet, theater actress, and promoter of the spoken word. She is a member of the poetic collective New Voices( https://www.nuevasvoces.org/ ). She is a winner of the International Circulation Grant of the Mayor of Medellín. She has participated in the international poetry festival of Havana (Cuba), the International Poetry Festival of Medellín and in several other national poetry festivals.

Distilled Mirror

I had never seen the reflection of death so close

I saw the reflection of the sun on ice

I have not seen perfect mirrors even if they are gold

I have seen the singing of a pair of eyes looking to thread a needle

A mud woman vanished looking for reflections

I went to the mirror

I had always wondered how to get through that crystal clock

I never looked the same

I never went to the reflex

To see my hands full of color

A bird collided with a boulder

like a statue creating shapes on wall.

Dates Have Turned to Ashes

Trunks were pillars in the middle of a storm

Those trunks left marks on a sheet of paper

Drops fell on stone

The movement governed by a habitual smoke of meat

Unexpectedly, everything turned into foams at the center of the lake

The arrows collapsed, shot by men

Powerfully made masks