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Koukis Christos is a poet and writer and the curator of the Crete International Poetry Festival which takes place in Greece every year. He was born in 1979 and he has published poetry books in Greece, France, Italy and Serbia and poems of his have been translated in eight (8) languages. He has participated in poetry anthologies in Greece and other countries and in several international poetry festivals around the world.  He has worked in poetry and culture magazines and has written lyrics for songs. Recently he collaborated in an international project for Documenta 14 Athens. He lives and works in Athens. ( Sourced from http://www.koukispoet.com/ )

Poetry collections, awards, professional memberships, etc.

2019      Participation (since 2014) in twenty (20) International Poetry Festivals ( poems translated in English, French, Spanish, Hindu, Portuguese, Serbian, Romanian, Slovenian, Italian, Turkish).

2019      Publication of poetry book «Modern guilt» in English by Paperwall Publishing House.

2019      Director of International Poetry Festival in Greece (http://cipfest.org/).

2018      Publication of poetry book «Modern guilt» in Greece, Kedros Publications

2017      Participation with two (2) poems in the anthology «Kleine tiere zum schlachten, Neue gedichte aus Griechenland» (Germany), editions Parassitenpresse

2017      Participation in Documenta 14 Athens as a poet (writing, reading, translating) in the International project ‘’The place of the thing’’.

2017      Selections of my poems published in the international poetry magazine Levure Litteraire.

2016      Presentation of my lecture about Modern Greek Poetry in 20th century at University of               Lisbon, Portugal (in English) at the conference ” Da Poesia Neo-Helenica 1905-2016″

2016      Participation in poetry anthologies in Italy and Serbia with selected poems from all my poetry books

2016      Publication of poetry book “Velicanstven paradoks lepote” Smederevo Publications, Serbia

2016      Publication of poetry book “Journal intime d’un amoureux”, L’Haramattan Publications France

2016      Participation in Oaxaca, Mexico video-poetry Festival with several poems

2015      Participation in the poetry anthology “Poetry Dialogues”, Govostis publications Greece 

2015      Poems from all my poetry books were selected by Professor Jacques Bouchard for his lectures at the Centre d’études néo-helléniques de l’Université de Montréal, Montreal Canada.

2014      Publication of poetry diary “Diary for Lovers” Roes Publications Greece

2013-2016 Co-editor of online poetry journal www.poeticanet.gr

2013      Publication of poetry collection “The Great Paradox of the Sun” Govostis publications Greece

2012      Participation in the poetry anthology “Poets in the Shadow” Gavrielides publications Greece

2011      National First Appearance Poetry Award, 31st Hellenic Symposium on Poetry, Greece

2011      Co-curator/ co-organiser of the group international art exhibition “HOMO SAPIENS IN LOVE”

2011      Publication of poetry collection “After Beauty” Gavrielides publications Greece

Latin America moon

The red moon’s gunpowder brought down unconscious the blinds of shame

Tomorrow morning we shall rise alive

I was woken up by the snowflakes of your voice

I squeezed the ripe sun and drank at one gulp

the pollen of a homeland

summer is a paradise devoid of miracular despair

Pine trees pin the syllables of the blue

Birds throw stones at the voice of cars

The sun’s rays dive into the water for the day’s cross

Flowers count the light with decimal precision

and the children on the wooden balcony are pantomiming clouds

The quiet pebbles lack courage

on the sand that didn’t stick on wet love

I must have fallen down a thousand times  I got up once

Your stalks of grain, your glowing skin   

Sesame on the lips, islands in the oceanic wine

Tongue that falters, body testing water

There are women akin to first numbers: they divide

War in Middle East

There was an outbreak of war and instantly sexual pleasures flowed inside us

Prophesies turned into paper money and paper money into tinder

of a country discarded from the hands of the very dream

Guilt by guilt I rake up disaster grasping the lustrous soil’s gunwale

I read the tragedians while swimming in the isthmus of bygone reality

Only thus am I not roused, I don’t waken the first blood

I can’t sleep when I see you gathering

from every season a pair of breaths:

the murmur of yellow leaves, the swiftness of north winds

the pounding of summer noon, the hum of snowy roofs

the death rattle of overflowing brooks and the gale’s guffawing

the swallow’s puffing, the steaming meadow’s sigh

the mountain top’s gallop, the azure’s dive

the dishevelled cloudburst and the damp earth’s frankincense

thunder’s gunpowder, the fog’s blinkers

spring’s rails, the fruits’ compasses

the smoke of deluge and the ashes of sunshine

The frost of success and failure’s starvation

Our tears ask for a share in the bread of ages

Shadows of Grexit

Shadows stagger disarmed on the downward slope foolish by now they turn their wrinkled idol clouded they are the ones that stripped my body from joy

They stood up like half-destroyed bridges, irrevocable words, obstinate

Oh! how much did their era hurt me

how much I was humiliated working for them Bankrupt by now, encircled and no longer inflated

they are in a hurry to sneak into the carriage of the night and I am in the appropriate position to call them

with plenty of satisfaction and relief

Shadows do appear, everything has ended

Modern guilt

Two mirrors were quarreling as to which was the most beautiful

and which could be sold at with the most interesting price

and no objection serious nor loud did we express and not one proper determining fissure did we make

pity; the turn of events would have given us the pleasure we cannot find

so somewhere these two mirrors will be hanging on a wall or from a hand

and they will keep pretending that they have seen a lot but they will always be missing the sight of beauty

Two mirrors were quarreling and had become a spectacle and a subject of discussion but it is all over now and nobody even mentions them nor us