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Myriam Bianchi Hernández (Montevideo, Uruguay) is a poet, storyteller and cultural manager. She is a Member of the House of Writers of Uruguay, Emprende Cultura and the Maciel Hospital Culture Commission. She has published the books titled Males celestiales (2004), Trazos místicos (2009) and Arabescos Marinos (2011). Her work has been included in several anthologies, including: Polifonía , Letras Americanas , Voces en las manos, Tales with a frame, and Je lis un Livre de Poésie, among others. Myriam has received several distinctions among which the following stand out: Victoria Award-Recognition in the arts and Diffusion of Culture, Illustrious Visitor-San Lorenzo Municipality- and Dorado Municipality- Puerto Rico, La Ourensana (Zamora, Mexico) El hombre de los BosquesDissemination of the Works of Federico García Lorca-Tertulias Lorquianas (Granada, Spain).


When it gets dark

the buds of the orange tree


in dead languages

with germinated particles.

In Aramaic

 they count

the secret that keeps



cover the earth

With the mystic root

of the mandrágora.

(Translation by Esteban Charpentier.)

Saint Teresa of Calcutta

You took it further than the usual vows

when you learnt  

to love fearlessly.

Immaculate, you moved around

the streets of Calcutta

caressing without fear

the eager faces of the sick,

of those who knew

that they were being blessed

by seeing your celestial aura

before all others.

You could have lived

surrounded by luxury, you chose

to barter the bourgeoisie

and preach in Mahatma Gandhi’s

India of non-violence.

The India of eternal love,

majestic gardens

and the dark reflex

of the Taj Mahal,

of the dead’s and laundresses’

sacred Ganges.

That India plagued

by mystical poetry,

smelling of incense

and Rabindranath Tagore’s


The one you chose,

the one that cradled

your Franciscan


(Translation by Zingonia Zingone, Italy)