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Mia Lecomte is an Italian poet and writer of French origin. Among her most recent publications are: the poetry collection Al museo delle relazioni interrotte (2016); the short stories collection Cronache da un’impossibilità (2015); and the children’s book Gli Spaesati (2020). Her poems have been published in Italy and abroad in poetry magazines and anthologies, and in 2012 she published in Canada the bilingual poetry anthology For the Maintenance of Landscape.

Also a French translator, she is a critic and editor in the field of transnational literature, especially in regards to poetry, to which she dedicated the essay Di un poetico altrove. Poesia transnazionale italofona (1960-2016) (2018). She is on the editorial board of the bi-annual journal of comparative poetry Semicerchio and she is a contributor to Italian edition of Le Monde Diplomatique. She is the creator and a member of the International ‘Company of Women Poets’ (www.compagniadellepoete.com), and in 2017 she founded the Transnational Literary Agency Linguafranca (www.linguafrancaonline.org).


Cleaning the universe

can last a whole day

the morning for moving

the afternoon taking advantage of the void

and the evening the evening the evening

after one day nothing will be the same

that certain day


Beds wardrobes bookcases sofas

shelves chairs desks

lamps fabrics cushions

pots curtains carpets

plates vases glasses

toys cutlery

screws bolts




you don’t find what will be left

of you after all this living

what will be left to live

(translation from Italian by Brenda Porster)

(from the collection For the Maintenance of Landscape, Toronto, Guernica, 2012)