Stefan Višekruna was born in Trebinje , Republic of Srpska, on December 9, 1991. His poems have been translated into 7 languages and have been published in more than 9 countries. His poem ‘The Rage of Life’ entered the Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Poetry.


Prisoners do not
feel the rain
They inhabit today
gloomy chambers
banging furious
old jailbones

Defiantly gloomy
they walk in the rain
It hardly has
the smallest significance
its is blasphemous
by endless
horizons of imagination
in their distant worlds
imagining a sunny day

It’s not scary
to be detained
between the walls, behind the bars
and barbed wire,
It’s terrible to be
caged in spirit
in the cells of the beings and inhale
stinky moisture
every poor day.