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ELÍ URBINA (Chimbote, Perú, 1989) is licenced in Letters and has a Master’s degree in University Teaching and Pedagogic Research. He has published the poetry collections: “La sal de las hienas” – The salt of the hyenas (Plectro Editores, 2017) and “El abismo del hombre” – The abyss of men (Buenos Aires Poetry, 2020). His poetry has been translated into Greek, Serbian, French and Italian. He is the founder and director of the poetry magazine Santa Rabia (www.santarabiamagazine.com).  

I Keep Hosted in My Memory

I keep hosted in my memory

the placid image of the body of love.

Light must come again,

but now, in reality, only the rain

drapes the avenue as black birdseed.

Look at the slow descent

of meat’s thorn into the secret wound.

The brothel, its greed, absorbs my burnt-out soul,

my hope, thirsting of feeling,

for an instant, the deaf crackle.

In the gloom the prostitute dances

with the sinuosity of a broad flare.

Already the longing gathers around in the mirror,

the shadow of my hand lengthens.

As strong as the pleasure burns

always her face inside me ignites.

(From “El abismo del hombre” – The abyss of men, 2020)

Translation to English: Sofía Leibovich.