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‘Emerging Voices’ Special Edition of Advaitam Speaks Literary : Vol. 1-Issue 2-August 2017:

Hello World,

We are really glad to announce that the Special Inaugural Issue of Advaitam Speaks Literary journal for Emerging Voices is now available for our readers on issuu. It feels amazing to bring out this special issue with so many fresh voices from around the world. We are thankful to our contributors, mentors, readers and well-wishers for making this journey memorable.

Thank you for your patience and love

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Diana McWilliams, Dennis Andrew Aguinaldo, Benard Mujuni, Payal PhukanAnkit Mishra, Eanna Roberts, Dusk VersesAngel EdwardsAngel EdwardsDr. Brajesh Kumar Gupta “Mewadev”Anthony WatkinsSatarupa Mishra, Dirk Sandarupa, Kavya NeogDurgesh VermaSithuraj Ponraj, Ruth Elwood, Subroto Sinha, Sutanuka GhoshSourav Biswas, Ava Goodman, Samyabrata Mukherjee.