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Hello World,

Greetings from New Delhi !

It is my real pleasure to introduce you to this long cherished dream project that I associate myself with :- 

Advaitam Speaks Literary, An international journal of Poetics and Visual Arts.

Right now, I am overwhelmed with the kind of response I am getting from across the world for this pet project,especially for its inaugural issue coming out in July. Thank you all for the same. 

For those who already know about it, please ignore this message.

For those, who would like to know more about it, please visit the links below. Besides, we do not mind if you find some minutes out of your busy schedule to visit the FB page and Instagram Profile of ASL journal.Here they are :


https://www.instagram.com/advaitamspeaks/  (Under Construction)

For submissions,


Thank you again for your love and support !

Debasish Parashar